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C-ute – Edo No Temari Uta II PV

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It’s me, finally start to write again:-).

It’s about 2 minutes ago and I just finished watching C-ute latest PV, Edo no Temari Uta II.

I didn’t really expect C-ute’s new song to be like this actually. But, I like it so much, it even made me want to write something again!XD.

That’s just how excited I am:p!

First of all, this PV reminds me of Miyavi‘s Concert Set and maybe some of his PV. I mean, that It has all of that cool Japanese vibe in it and it shows itself even more within the dance and the song, very nice indeed.

Second, I just can’t resist Airi’s hot and sexiness(forgive me for using this word, I just can’t help it>.< and she’s just only 14 years old T_T). That hairstyle, that outfit, that mini skirt, and obviously that smile:). Oohh, Thanks God for this beautiful Gift(Again, please forgive this blabbering of mine!T_T).

I think that this single is going to be another hit for C-ute after Tokkaiko Junjou, seeing the uniqueness of this song and PV and I hope my best for it to happen.


C-ute 3rd Album – LOVE Escalation – (3rd~LOVEエスカレーション~, 3rd ~Love Escalation~)

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Track Listing:

  1. “Tokaikko Junjō” (都会っ子 純情)
  2. “Image Colour” (イメージカラー)
  3. “Otome Cocoro” (乙女COCORO)
  4. LALALA Shiawase no Uta(LALALA 幸せの歌)
  5. “Homerare Nobi Ko no Theme Kyoku” (ほめられ伸び子のテーマ曲)
  6. “Meguru Koi no Kisetsu” (めぐる恋の季節)
  7. “Sweeeets→→→Live” (スイーーツ→→→ライブ)
  8. “Sakura Chirari” (桜チラリ)
  9. “Hare no Platinum Dōri” (晴れのプラチナ通り)
  10. “Do Don Ga Don Ondo” (ドドンガドン音頭)
    • Performed by Tension Ageko with ℃-ute Gasshōdan

It’s a bit late and maybe some of you already heard it. A nice album for c-ute fans!

The cover is really interesting^^.


C-ute for Best New Artist in Japan Record Award

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C-ute just received an award for Best New Artist in the 49th Japan Record Awards. A really great achievement.


C-ute beat JYONGRI, Stephanie and Satomi Takasugi. The award is received by Tsunku and all the members of C-ute waited and watched from their backstage room.


I don’t know why C-ute didn’t received it by themselves, maybe some kind of system that I don’t know about:p.

One thing to look for is the emotion they expressed when knowing that they received the award. It’s funny, seems fake. But, maybe that’s just my imagination.

The awards ceremony:

The performance:

Buono Live at C-ute Concert

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Here is some part of C-ute concert where Buono performed.


Buono is a group consists of Suzuki Airi(C-ute), Miyabi(Berryz Kobou), and Momoko(Berryz Kobou). Their first song is titled Hontou no Jibun and this clip is the live version.




This is just some random upload from me. I got this from torrent just before holiday, gonna upload some more tomorrow. Enjoy!


Suzuki Airi – CLEAR(Making)

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The making of CLEAR is fun to watch,Airi seems to enjoy the photo shoot so much. She smiles a lot, talks a lot and plays a lot. I can’t remember how many times I said “Kawai” in front of my monitor.


After the opening title, Airi showed us her photo shoot location from the balcon and said that she is going to do her best in the photo shoot, “KAWAIII”(*^o^*). A really nice smile!!


One thing I can conclude from the PB making is that Airi doesn’t like paprika


But she definitely love hamburgers^_^.

She chat with the camera many times and giggling with them. She just wouldn’t stop untill the end of the making.


After about 9 and a half minutes. It finally comes to an end, sadT_T. But, we can just do some playback and watch it all over again, I did^_^ and never get tired of it. At least not right now lol.

What do you know…It becomes one of my favorite PB making too. She is definitely a star:).

Many people requested this PB making for days, I decided to upload it. Well here it is!! Hope you enjoy it^^!!:

Binusian Wotas in Action!!

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It’s my first time coming to the MMI(Morning Musume Indonesia) gathering. It wasn’t my intention to came at first, but my friend goes by the name KuroYuki which nick is used by me sometimes:p, asked me to come, this time and since I have no college activity, I decided to come.

Met some new friends and some friends I knew before, I’m kinda embarrassed though when they asked my nickname in the forums, cause I never really join in, I’m like a “back stage” player in this world. But I know some people from MMI and they used to visit my place so I never get behind. I never really did post anything there though lol .


We talked about Hello Project and Morning Musume, did some photograph and collected some data.

The gathering end at 5.00pm and some of us continued our own gathering at Shinn’s place, one of the member which is my place too, but in a different floor. Time really passed by quickly when you talk to people with the same interest as you, it’s fun and I hope to do it again some other time. It’s strange though, how a bunch of guys could get connected with something like thisXD.

The result that I got from today’s gathering is:

1. Suzuki Airi – CLEAR PB making video(nice!!^_^)

2. C-ute Concert Spring Tour 2007 Golden First Gate

3. Aya Matsuura – Double rainbow(album)

There are some other stuff too, but above are the best. I will upload it when I have the chance!

Suzuki Airi – CLEAR(Photobook)

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Just got this photobook of Airi today. I’m glad this one is better than the last PB.Here’s some of my favourite scans from the PB, a really beautiful smile and what a nice body she has.

airi_2ndpb_clear_073-resize.jpg airi_2ndpb_clear_024-resize.jpgairi_2ndpb_clear_049-resize.jpg

Airi looks more mature in some way, But I just wondered if it’s okay for anyone to see a 13 years old girl being exposed like this. The photos are nice, but I think some of the pose that she did is too “mature” for her. Not that I don’t like it:p.

In anyway, I really enjoy seeing this PB as Airi is one of my favorite Hello Project member. This PB had just become one of my favorite of all time.

Get the scans here: