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Ayaka ~Coconut Musume~ is to Graduate from H!P

Posted in Ayaka Kimura(Coconuts Musume) with tags , on April 30, 2008 by kaorublade

Finally the day comes for Ayaka to graduate from Hello! Project and that is today on April 30th, 2008.

How many years had passed since the first time I saw Ayaka in her show “Ayaka’s Surprise English Lesson”. Maybe some of you have already watched it too, the show that intended to tells us how bad Morning Musume member’s English were (At least that’s what I get when I watched it lol). The show really gave me a lot of laugh. Go and watch it if you haven’t yet lol!!

For the past few years. Ayaka never really got any real breakthrough, she just became a regular member in Hello! Project concert without any new material, Ayaka became one of many elder member of H!P who didn’t get any new recording project. Maybe that’s the reason why she decided to close the contract with H!P, because H!P is really holding her back and personally, I think that she won’t get anywhere by staying in H!P. Seeing that H!P only care about their fresh unit such as, C-ute or Berryz Kobou.

Ayaka is a really close friend with Yoshizawa Hitomi and Satoda Mai. I hope it’s not going to get lonely for Yossi and Mai:(.

As for me, it’s a good decision for Ayaka, she could shape her career freely from now . I wish her all the best!! Ganbatte Ayaka! 🙂

Ayaka Kimura (木村 絢香 born October 30, 1981 in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan) joined Hello! Project in 1999 after being discovered by Makoto, fellow Sharan Q bandmate of Tsunku, with four other girls, forming Coconuts Musume. Out of the original line up of Coconuts Musume and the second generation addition of Lehua Sandbo, she is the leader and last remaining member of the group. Having lived most of her teenage years in Hawaiʻi, Ayaka is fluent in both Japanese and English. She is best known by foreign fans for her “Ayaka no Totsugeki Eikaiwa (Ayaka’s Surprise English Lessons)” TV segment, where she would test the English skills of Morning Musume members