Dir en Grey Tour 08 “The Rose Trims Again”

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Last week, I was able to finished watching the latest Dir en Grey Live DVD “The Rose Trims Again”. Dir en Grey’s fan should definitely watch it, so be sure to do so:).

I think Kyo has matured in the way he sings, he can still deliver his best voice untill the end. In the past, I can see it clearly when he grew tired toward the end. Nice Kyo!

My favorite part is Number 15 “Lie Buried With a Vengeance” and 23 “Gaika, Chinmoku ga Nemuru Koro”.

Have you watched this amazing live of Diru?? Please share your favorite part here:)?


Tour 08 The Rose Trims Again is a live DVD released by Dir en grey on April 28, 2009. The feature show was recorded on October 18, 2008 at Shinkiba Studio Coast in Tokyo, Japan, with bonus footage recorded at the band’s December 29th show of the same year at Osakajo Hall in Osaka, Japan.

Promotion for Tour 08 The Rose Trims Again began in winter of 2009. Promotional images and videos were released throughout the campaign via the Japanese iTunes Music Store, Barks.jp and the official homepage of Dir en grey.

The standard release of the DVD features only the Tokyo show, while a limited edition features the main disc as well as a second DVD featuring a selection of songs from the Osaka performance, the band’s first performance at the famous venue in ten years, and documentary footage chronicling tour preparation. The final disc of the limited edition is an audio CD, which samples various tracks from the main disc, as well as additional songs from the Osaka concert.

Track listing

Disc one (Feature DVD)

1.     “Sa Bir”
2.     “Obscure”
3.     “Grief”
4.     “Agitated Screams of Maggots”
5.     “Disabled Complexes”
6.     “Merciless Cult”
7.     “Toguro”
8.     “Namamekashiki Ansoku, Tamerai ni Hohoemi”
9.     “Agitated Screams of Maggots -Unplugged-”
10.     “Conceived Sorrow”
11.     “Ryoujoku no Ame”
12.     “Dozing Green”
13.     “Vocal solo”
14.     “Audience Killer Loop”
15.     “Lie Buried With a Vengeance”
16.     “The Deeper Vileness”
17.     “Clever Sleazoid”
18.     “Repetition of Hatred”
19.     “Undecided”
20.     “Higeki wa Mabuta wo Oroshita Yasashiki Utsu”
21.     “Glass Skin”
22.     “Hydra -666-”
23.     “Gaika, Chinmoku ga Nemuru Koro”
24.     “Saku”
25.     “The IIID Empire”
26.     “Rasetsukoku”
27.     “Credits”
Disc two (Bonus DVD)

1.     “Sa Bir”
2.     “Agitated Screams of Maggots”
3.     “Stuck Man”
4.     “Toguro”
5.     “Reiketsu Nariseba”
6.     “Bugaboo”
7.     “Ain’t Afraid to Die”
8.     “The Final”
Disc three (Bonus CD)

1.     “Grief”
2.     “Disabled Complexes”
3.     “Merciless Cult”
4.     “Audience Killer Loop”
5.     “Lie Buried With a Vengeance”
6.     “The Deeper Vileness”
7.     “Undecided”
8.     “Glass Skin”
9.     “Ryoujoku no Ame”
10.     “Conceived Sorrow”
11.     “Dozing Green”
12.     “Gaika, Chinmoku ga Nemuru Koro”
13.     “Repetition of Hatred”
14.     “Mr.Newsman”

Source : wikipedia

Good Bye Michael Jackson!!

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I’ve been a fan of Michael Jackson since a long time ago. If I’m not mistaken since I was 5 years old. The first song of Michael Jackson that introduced me to his song is “Black or White” and possibly his song is the first song that I really liked since I was born.

There were times when I couldn’t sleep if I didn’t listen to Michael’s song. Probably untill middle school, I kept listening to his song before I go to sleep at night and naturally since no new material coming from Jacko since 1995, I listened to him less and lesser. Until…the album “invicible” came around and I really love the songs “You Rock My World” :).

If many people just started to listened to Michael again after his death. I have listened to him again two months before his death. I don’t know why, but I just miss his voice and for that two months I kept listening to his song( I don’t know, but you might call this a “sign”) and of course, excitedly waiting for “This is it” Concert.

Then that day of 25th June, 2009 came. My friend texted me and gave me that horrible news of his death and of course , not believing it, I tried to search the news from the net and after seeing his news in my local TV, I started to believe that the “King of Pop” has died. The sadness is unbearable and I nearly cried everytime I saw his news after his death, especially the one that talks about his behaviour.

Michael is a great man and I think we are all agreed that nothing can change our love for him. Good bye Michael!

Brand New Dorama : Mr. Brain

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Just finished downloading the first episode of Mr. Brain and watching it.

Well, It’s going to be another masterpiece:).

Sadly, I think I only see Ryoko Hirosue in the opening scene and no more.


And there is Kabutokabu

Ayase Haruka just made my day


and  Kimura just keeps getting  older.


It’s interesting to see different guest stars in every episode.

Next Gackt?? Cool

Source : http://www.tbs.co.jp/mr-brain

Final Fantasy XIV Online – A Sequel To A Never Ending Story

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It’s unknown why Square Enix loves to play with our curiosity.  Now they want to add our never ending curiosity with their new title :  Final Fantasy XIV.


Final Fantasy XIV will be another MMO(Multi Player Online)  based on the world of Final Fantasy,  just like it’s predecessor Final Fantasy XI.  FF XIV will  be going to PS3 and PC.













Why Square? Why?????  Now I have to wait for another long years for a new Final Fantasy and I have to buy a PS3!!! WHY?????????

Source : Joystiq

Manohara is Free??

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Been at home since Saturday. Turn on my TV and watch my local TV channel.

I’m so glad I did and I watched the news about this girl called Manohara Odelia Pinot(click here if you don’t know her).


Basically, she is a girl who got lucky and married a prince who turn out to be a serial rapist(I’m not exaggerating it, He really is–.–!) and that’s where her luck suddenly become such a bad one! She got beat up, raped and had her chest cut by that malaysian prince.

It’s a relieve that she was able to escape from his “husband” and now finally back to Indonesia(today I think:)) . Hope her life is going to be much better from now on.

Maliq & D’essential Live Ticket?? I Got It!

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I just bought a ticket for maliq & d’essential at 9 Square. Can’t wait to watch them:).

Eat some delicious food. Now I’m set to go home!


Anyone coming on 5 June to see them??

Who? Maliq & D’essentials

When? 5 June,  19:00 – end( I think)

Where ? 9 Square

Team Medical Dragon(Manga Or Dorama)??

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as usual my day begins with 10 minutes of booting my pc at the office, very boring of course. But today I have something to get rid of that boring 10 minutes, that is my recently rented manga, Team Medical Dragon by Nogizaki Taro.


Team Medical Dragon is a manga that I didn’t intend to read at first. Why? Because the dorama left so much impression to me(It’s one of the best dorama I have ever watched, to the point: if I watched it about 5 years ago, I might reconsider to become a doctor:p) and I don’t think I need to read the manga ever, after all the story is still in my head and I can still remember it as clear as water.

But, nothing interesting to read at the time and so I picked the first three book of Team Medical Dragon from my local Comic Rental and decided to read it as soon as I arrived home.

I finished the three books in just an half hour…Quite a record for me actually:p.

I really like the characters and their personality. Ryutaro, Akira and Ijuin(My Favorites^^) are really different from the dorama version and at some point is more interesting.

Ryutaro is a more funny and easy going, while the dorama one is a very serious and mysterious person

Ijuin in manga is very coward and disgusting to see, you would want to punch his face everytime you see him.

Akira and Miki is so hot and hard to resist:). In Dorama?? Well You decide…:)

Well, I’m going to continue reading….Which one that you think is better Iryu(Dorama) or Team Medical Dragon(Manga)?