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Girugamesh – Vermillion(PV)

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Seeing that Girugamesh gets a lot of responses in my blog, I decided to upload the Vermillion PV. The song is from the latest album from them. I like the color and the way the camera moved, it just got every member good side. Anyway, they just looks like a young Dir en Grey^^. Although the music is far from Dir en Grey Music.



Girugamesh just sound different from another Visual Kei Band and they are my favorite right now beside SID and Merry. I wish that they are going to have a nice future ahead of them!!:-)


Girugamesh – Girugamesh(Album)

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The latest album from Girugamesh(self titled)


Track List:

  1. Intro
  2. Patchwork
  3. Vermillion
  4. Stupid
  5. Barricade
  6. Shining
  7. Shiro Ashiato
  8. Crazy Flag
  9. Shoujo A
  10. Rockers
  11. Dance Rock Night
  12. Domino
  13. Kowareteiku Sekai

I haven’t heard all of it myself. Been kinda busy with college assignment. Only hear about half of it and it’s satisfying, I can say that this is a nice album.

For you who have heard the 13’s Reborn and Reason of Crying. Should hear this album too.


Girugamesh Albums(downloads)

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I have uploaded the album “13’s Reborn” and “Reason of Crying” EP from Girugamesh. Enjoy!!


13’s Reborn:

Reason of Crying: