Manohara is Free??

Been at home since Saturday. Turn on my TV and watch my local TV channel.

I’m so glad I did and I watched the news about this girl called Manohara Odelia Pinot(click here if you don’t know her).


Basically, she is a girl who got lucky and married a prince who turn out to be a serial rapist(I’m not exaggerating it, He really is–.–!) and that’s where her luck suddenly become such a bad one! She got beat up, raped and had her chest cut by that malaysian prince.

It’s a relieve that she was able to escape from his “husband” and now finally back to Indonesia(today I think:)) . Hope her life is going to be much better from now on.

4 Responses to “Manohara is Free??”

  1. oh my my.. hopefully she’d be much better~ =]

    • Dr.Silvester Wiryanto, Arzt,M.Hum Says:


      Pls help me to get access to Manohara or her Mother through their mobile Nr and their address.
      I would like to assist them in term of Medical/Health and Law. I am available in 0818790974. Tx.

      Best Regards


  2. meila1599 Says:

    >,< crazy prince!
    she is quite tough though…she doesn't look shocked nor terrified.

    I saw her a bit when being interviewed by a gossip show. She was telling her story of her being treated as a doll in the palace. She looks as in a very well condition.. I wonder why..

  3. maybe she looks well on the surface but she’s very hurt from the inside~ I heard the prince has always inject her with some kinda drugs when she’s ton the phone with her mom so she couldn’t tell her mother that she was being tortured? Just rumours~ o.O

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