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My Forgotten Passion = Singing???

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One of my interest in music is singing, beside guitar of course. Even my love in music is all started way back when I became a singer in my first band ever “Optic”.


Optic is an Indonesian band and covered almost all Indonesian song from Dewa and Sheila on 7. The time I had in Optic has given a lot of experience, from singing in front of many audiences – and having my feet shaking on me at the same time, experience in holding my first electric guitar ever, experience on practicing in a music studio and the most of all, the love of music.

Singing Indonesian songs was actually very hard for me. Because I rarely listened to them and at the time I was completely overwhelmed with my love of songs from Luna Sea, L’arc-en-ciel and X-Japan. But I tried to do it anyway, because of my curiosity and they asked me personally to become their vocals.

I am still singing untill now. My only regret is that I am not a Rock or Metal singer, my vocal is very soft, kinda like the jazzy kind of pop(Not that I don’t like it), but I am only hoping I could sing any songs that I like with my voice(Rock or Metal), not only pop and jazz. I am still wondering if it’s because I don’t have any talent or my little knowledge of any technique in singing.

My co-workers have often stated that I have a very nice voice, my girlfriend and many people actually. But, appareantly I still can not say that to myself…

I am going to record my voice when I have the time, so you can give me some advice or critics:)! Thanks for reading my stupid babblings

I’m Back and So are They….

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It’s been a while guys. when I checked the last time, this kaorublade’s weblog just got to more than 10.000 views. Thanks for visiting my website through all the time that I was absent. Your attention is something that keeps me going.

I’m still working on my thesis, maybe for another two months, it’s still going to be my number one priority.

Many things have happened in Japanese entertainment industry, including the most phenomenal one , that is X-Japan is back in business.

There is another story, such as the returns of Kago Ai, Goto Maki, Fujimoto Miki. I’m really happy that they are able to overcome many things, that I’m sure had changed them mentally and professionally.

Kago Ai just made an interview in a japanese site, She talks about her smoking habit, her boyfriend, and her suicide attempt after the incident. I really admire her bravery to come forward and told us about these. It’s another side of Kago Ai we have never seen in Hello! Project or Morning Musume.

About the past scandal of Kago Ai. She is smoking?? She had a boyfriend?? so what…I never really care about it. I really like Kago Ai, her personality is really interesting and her scandal doesn’t change my opinion about her, she is still a great girl. I will support her and I hope many fans will support her too.

Another one is Goto Maki, she is definitely a talent and undeniably a great idol. She got all the looks and her voice is one of the best in Japan. Just a while ago, she closed her contract with Hello! Project or what the agency said a “graduation”.

It’s a shocking news, the first time I heard it, I thought that I haven’t seen the best of Goto Maki yet and it’s such a waste to end it this way. But, recently she reported on her blog about her activity in Los Angeles, USA and it seems that she is preparing for her come back. There is some rumor that Gomaki is now singing for the AVEX company, a company for singer likes Ayumi Hamasaki, YUI, and Otsuka Ai. If it’s true than we can hope for some quality music coming out from them. Whatever company she is in, I hope she can sings in a much better form than before.

Last from the world of Hello! Project is Fujimoto Miki. The record holder for the shortest leader of Morning Musume. Until now her unique voice is one that I considered to be the best in Hello! Project, so when she decided to quit morning musume, it’s been in my thought, what would become of morning musume. Well, there has been a low sales in their latest single Mikan. But, that is another story.

Mikitty(Fujimoto’s nick name) has her new single “Oki Tegami” just waiting to be released and she just recently played in a stage play titled “Hakana“. She is currently rebuilding everybody’s trust, especially her fans. Ganbare Mikitty!!

X-Japan – I.V.(PV)

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Finally here, the latest PV of X-Japan – I.V.










The PV marks the first step of X-Japan to go International. The song also got an instant no. 1 on iTunes daily chart and X- Japan is the first Asian artist to chart high worldwide on iTunes rock pages and Billboard music site.

To add to that, the tickets for X-Japan comeback tour on March 28th, 30th, 2008 in tokyo dome has sold out through Yoshiki Mobile before going officialy on sale.

It seems that this comeback is going to bring a lot of success to them. X-Japan is truly alive again.







Always praying the best for YOSHIKI, TOSHI, HIDE, PATA, and HEATH!!

X-Japan is Back

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Last night I listened to a teaser from X-Japan new single “I.V.” from this website.Apparently, this song becomes a soundtrack for the movie “Saw 4”, can’t wait to see it^_^. It’s only a part of the song, but it just made me cry a bit. I can’t believe that finally I can hear X-Japan again. X-Japan is a band that had a big part in my life and It still a big part of my life, actually.


The first time I heard them is 9 years ago, a year after they broke up. I am not a big rock fans at that time, my music life is just boring with a music from ballad group like westlife(bleh!!). Their first album that I have is their “X-Japan Perfect Best” which comes in 2 CD and they have open my eyes, I finally realize that there is more to music than what I have seen all this time. I started to learn electric guitar and making a band,in dreams to have “something” that X-Japan has. Although, untill now I still haven’t found it. I will keep trying, and seeing the reunion of X-Japan, it’s like reliving my dream once again.

X-Japan in someway has changed my life and I’m grateful for that.

Well, enough of my story.

There was a shooting for X Japan new song “I.V” at Odaiba Aqua City. I forgot the date though:p. But, it’s somewhere in October.

Here is the pictures from the shooting place of “I.V” PV. It’s only a PV making and yet 10.000 people came,WTF. I think everybody just miss seeing X-Japan in action. Well, after 10 years, you know that we will definitely miss them.


Ah, seeing Toshi like this just reminds me of the old time when he sang in X-Japan tour concert in the 90’s. I really miss the unmatched black sunglasses.


Heath didn’t change at all, he still look like he was 10 years ago. Especially the make up, well maybe he looks a bit cooler^_^.


Pata still look down, like he always did in front of the camera. Definitely, The Pata we know and we miss.


Hide is here too, I know it. Although, we only see the guitar here. But I can definitely feel him, because his guitar sound is also used in the song. The placement of Hide’s guitar is on his usual position on stage, I think as some sort of tribute to the legend.


Yoshiki is the one who made all the reunion possible, I want to kiss & hug him as hard as I could for making it happened(Not in a gay kind of way thoughxp). Thank You Yoshiki!!!!!


I’m definitely looking forward the single and the PV when they are released. The teaser had got me teary in the eyes. I wonder what the whole song could do…But, It still will be a wonderful experience. I’m sure of that..

All the pictures I got from A big thanks for them for making a review and making this writing possible.