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Team Medical Dragon(Manga Or Dorama)??

Posted in Team Medical Dragon on May 28, 2009 by kaorublade

as usual my day begins with 10 minutes of booting my pc at the office, very boring of course. But today I have something to get rid of that boring 10 minutes, that is my recently rented manga, Team Medical Dragon by Nogizaki Taro.


Team Medical Dragon is a manga that I didn’t intend to read at first. Why? Because the dorama left so much impression to me(It’s one of the best dorama I have ever watched, to the point: if I watched it about 5 years ago, I might reconsider to become a doctor:p) and I don’t think I need to read the manga ever, after all the story is still in my head and I can still remember it as clear as water.

But, nothing interesting to read at the time and so I picked the first three book of Team Medical Dragon from my local Comic Rental and decided to read it as soon as I arrived home.

I finished the three books in just an half hour…Quite a record for me actually:p.

I really like the characters and their personality. Ryutaro, Akira and Ijuin(My Favorites^^) are really different from the dorama version and at some point is more interesting.

Ryutaro is a more funny and easy going, while the dorama one is a very serious and mysterious person

Ijuin in manga is very coward and disgusting to see, you would want to punch his face everytime you see him.

Akira and Miki is so hot and hard to resist:). In Dorama?? Well You decide…:)

Well, I’m going to continue reading….Which one that you think is better Iryu(Dorama) or Team Medical Dragon(Manga)?