Final Fantasy XIV Online – A Sequel To A Never Ending Story

It’s unknown why Square Enix loves to play with our curiosity.  Now they want to add our never ending curiosity with their new title :  Final Fantasy XIV.


Final Fantasy XIV will be another MMO(Multi Player Online)  based on the world of Final Fantasy,  just like it’s predecessor Final Fantasy XI.  FF XIV will  be going to PS3 and PC.













Why Square? Why?????  Now I have to wait for another long years for a new Final Fantasy and I have to buy a PS3!!! WHY?????????

Source : Joystiq

5 Responses to “Final Fantasy XIV Online – A Sequel To A Never Ending Story”

  1. omg final fantasy XIV?!?!??!! I so looking forward to it!! Hahahah~ let’s just buy it’s PC game to play so you won’t have to buy PS3~! xD

  2. My PC just isn’t strong enoughT_T. So if I want to play the PC version, I might end up spending a lot more money

  3. hahah~ you mean you might want to buy a new PC too? xD unfortunately my PC is very bad too~ but I might want to buy a new laptop next year~ well, in this case I can only play the game next year D= hahah xp

  4. Tiffany Says:

    Too bad you don’t have to buy a PS3 to play it, rendering your dramatics unnecessary.

  5. I need to get new PC upgrades to play this better. Been playing the Beta for now but it’d be much nicer being able to play it smoother.

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