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Binusian Wotas in Action!!

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It’s my first time coming to the MMI(Morning Musume Indonesia) gathering. It wasn’t my intention to came at first, but my friend goes by the name KuroYuki which nick is used by me sometimes:p, asked me to come, this time and since I have no college activity, I decided to come.

Met some new friends and some friends I knew before, I’m kinda embarrassed though when they asked my nickname in the forums, cause I never really join in, I’m like a “back stage” player in this world. But I know some people from MMI and they used to visit my place so I never get behind. I never really did post anything there though lol .


We talked about Hello Project and Morning Musume, did some photograph and collected some data.

The gathering end at 5.00pm and some of us continued our own gathering at Shinn’s place, one of the member which is my place too, but in a different floor. Time really passed by quickly when you talk to people with the same interest as you, it’s fun and I hope to do it again some other time. It’s strange though, how a bunch of guys could get connected with something like thisXD.

The result that I got from today’s gathering is:

1. Suzuki Airi – CLEAR PB making video(nice!!^_^)

2. C-ute Concert Spring Tour 2007 Golden First Gate

3. Aya Matsuura – Double rainbow(album)

There are some other stuff too, but above are the best. I will upload it when I have the chance!

Hello! Project 2007 Summer Concert

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Finally, I watched the concert and I have to say that I am satisfied with the show. Although it’s kind of makes me bored in the middle of the show, but the opening and ending is top notch.



[Disc 1]

1. Hello To You / H!P Eggs

A nice start, almost every H!P concert always starts with H!P Eggs and after a while, all the main stars are up and singing along. The heat is up and the concert is ready to begin

2. Koisuru Angel Heart / all

Definitely a nice start, I am not a big fan of Viyuden’s song. But this song is definitely the best of them and singing it with the rest of the star making it even better. I really love Rika’s part in the chorus^_^

3. Saa! Koibito ni Narou yo / Melon Kinenbi, Viyuden, Berryz Koubou, ºC-ute

I always hear this song in every H!P concert, if I’m not mistaken. But never get bored from it. Another good song to start the concert.

4.VTR OPENING (Member Shokai)

A VTR introduction for all the performers in H!P Concert this time.


Yup, our favorite Makoto and Yaguchi Mari.

5. Onna ni Sachi Are / Morning Musume

And the show finally begins, the wotas are really hyped up this time. Must be very loud thereXD. Really love this song and love it even more in this concert. They sang it very well and there is some variation by Takashi Ai, not very much but a nice refreshment.

6. Massara Blue Jeans / ºC-ute

Not even a minute to sit down, here comes “Massara Blue Jeans”. My favorite song of C-ute^_^, it’s been a long time since I heard it the first time, miss the bass guitar playing, the dance which are very nice. Plus, they sang it much better than the first time.

7. Special Generation / ºC-ute (intro) -> Berryz Koubou

I don’t know this song was this good. I am not a big fans of Berryz Kobou, the only girl I like is Tokunaga Chinami and she doesn’t get as many attention as the other so I didn’t pay attention to them that much. But the performance is not bad.

MC2 / Takahashi Ai, Tanaka Reina, Junjun, Linlin, Yaguchi Mari, Makoto

Some interview and MC. I dunno what they are talking about…but the wotas seem happy, must be something good lol.

8. Futari wa NS / Kira*Pika

I don’t know but I really like their outfit^_^. Makes them look more mature. The song is lightening your mood. A nice cool down.

9. Koi * Kana / Kusumi Koharu

When it comes to Koharu sings alone, it always comes to lip-sync. I think this one is a lipsync too. I hope she learns how to sing alone on live soon. I am getting bored-_-. But she is cute as always^^, hehe

10. Happy / Kusumi Koharu

Same as above..

11. Tanpopo / Ishikawa Rika, Shibata Ayumi, Niigaki Risa, Yaguchi Mari

Never heard this song before. But not a bad song

12. BABY! Koi ni KNOCK OUT / Yoshizawa Hitomi, Satoda Mai, Ayaka

The party started again. My favorite song ever^_^, sadly no Goto Maki. But they sang it nicely, makes me miss the pucchi moni…T_T

13. Unforgettable / Melon Kinenbi

Really nice song, when it comes to nice voice and pitch control. Melon Kinenbi is the only group that is able to do it in hello! project.

MC3 / Melon Kinenbi, Ayaka, Yaguchi Mari, Makoto

Some talk…seems funny, but dunno…

14. Narihajimata Koi no Bell / Ongaku Gatas [watch]

The very first performance of Ongaku Gatas. It’s nice to see Yossi and Konno^_^. I miss seeing them together in a group. Really nice song, sadly it’s done in lipsync

MC4 / Ongaku Gatas

Konkon got a nice welcome…Glad to have you back^^. There are some introduction to the new face in Gatas.I hope this group got more attention in the future.

15. Shiawase Beam! Suki Suki Beam! / Saitou Hitomi, Kamei Eri, Tokunaga Chinami, Hagiwara Mai, Arihara Kanna, Sudou Maasa, Okada Yui (THE Possible as back-up dancers)

A nostalgic song, but I forgot who sing it before(a shuffle group with some number in the name), Have to look for it somewhere. The only person I remember sing it before on this performance is Saitou Hitomi

16. Natsu no Yoru wa Danger! / Murata Megumi, Takahashi Ai, Umeda Erika, Kumai Yurina

I didn’t really pay attention to this sing. But I really love the outfit. They all have a nice belly:p.

17. Kowarenai Ai ga Hoshii no / Suzuki Airi, Michishige Sayumi, Ohtani Masae, Nakajima Saki, Okai Chisato, Shimizu Saki, Natsuyaki Miyabi

Another song from group I-don’t-remember-the-name. Really love the combination from the rapper and the singer not only the voice, but also the strong and sexy dance. Can’t take my eyes of from Airi.

18. Kiiroi Osora de BOOM BOOM BOOM / Tanaka Reina, Yajima Maimi, Sugaya Risako, Tsugunaga Momoko, Miyoshi Erika

The dance is funnyXD.

19. Ai Araba It’s All Right / Berryz Koubou, ºC-ute

The legendary song of Morning Musume. But they sang it very nicely too, nothing to complain.

20. Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsuzuku You na Mirai de Are! / all
MC5 / Niigaki Risa, Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi, Kusumi Koharu, Mitsui Aika

This song just makes you happy. Well I am. Makes you want to jump and wave your hand. (I am imagining myself at the Arena right now^_^)

21. Kaze no Uwasa / THE Possible

I just want to skip this…

22. Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba / Berryz Koubou

One of a few song that I like from Berryz Kobou. Well, I like this song the most from all of their song actually. But, I get sleepy, I don’t know why..

23. DANCE & CHANCE / Melon Kinenbi, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Satoda Mai, Ayaka

Just love the jazz sound in this song, plus Yossi looks very sexy:).

24. Meguru Koi no Kisetsu / ºC-ute

Finally after a few moody and ballad, we got to jump again. Really love Airi. Darn, she is so cute…

25. Ai ~Suite Room~ / Viyuden

The dance is very stupidXD. But I can’t complain, It’s nice actually.
26. LET’S LIVE! / Viyuden, Niigaki Risa, Kamei Eri, Berryz Koubou, ºC-ute

The kind that make you want to jump and wave your hand


27. SHINING Itoshiki Anata / Takahashi Ai, Tanaka Reina [watch]

Just the kind of song that my mom and dad would hear. But, I like this song and they sing english part really nice. A little shocking, actually

28. Furusato / Junjun, Linlin, Kusumi Koharu, Mitsui Aika

they sang it really nicely. Abe must be proud…

29. Momoiro Kataomoi / Michishige Sayumi, Sugaya Risako, Suzuki Airi

Not as good as Matsuura Aya when they sang it. But I don’t care cause Airi just look so cute^o^.

30. Te wo Nigitte Arukitai / Yajima Maimi, Nakajima Saki, Natsuyaki Miyabi, Hello! Project Eggs

for the third time, wave your hand and jump!!!


31. Kanashimi Twlight / Morning Musume

It’s kinda strange to hear this song without Mikitty in it. But, Reina and Ai covered it up very nicely so this song still give the same vibe and spirit like before. Really nice!! two thumbs up.

32. Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii Jan / Morning Musume

never got bored with this song. The spirit is the same just like what we heard few years back.

33. Souda! We’re ALIVE / Morning Musume, ºC-ute, Berryz Koubou

This song has many kind of mood in it and sing it in a live concert also gives you that kind of feeling.

[Disc 2]


1. MC8 / Nakazawa Yuko, Iida Kaori, Yasuda Kei, Abe Natsumi & Goto Maki
The Peace! / Nakazawa Yuko, Iida Kaori, Abe Natsumi, Yasuda Kei, Yaguchi Mari, Goto Maki, Ishikawa Rika, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa & Konno Asam

There are Morning Musume from 1st to 5th gen and makes feel a bit nostalgic. Now, I really miss those timeT_T. The song really brings you back to the golden time of 4th gen.

2. Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~ / Nakazawa Yuko, Iida Kaori, Abe Natsumi, Yasuda Kei, Yaguchi Mari, Goto Maki, Ishikawa Rika, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa & Konno Asami (Berryz Koubou & C-ute as backup dancers)

Another nostalgic song. Yossi is always adorable and makes me sad not going to see Goto with Hello Project again:(.

3. Jump / all

Tsunku sure knows how to make a great song. A nice song! Another two thumbs up performance.


4. Dekkai Uchuu ni Ai ga Aru / All

This song just tells us that the show is going to end. Why?????

5. Back Stage Eizo


Morning Musume – Mikan Lyrics

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Morning Musume – Mikan


the lyrics are made by : Tsunku

mabushii asa ni WOO WOO CHANCE
tabidatsu asa ni WOO WOO CHANCE

nandomo yume wo mite kita
akirame tari wa dekinai
onna no ko demo otoko no ko demo
onaji koto jan

aisuru hoshi ni umarete
aisuru hito to deaete
isseiki mitanu michi dakara

kanashimi yorokobi mo ari
yasashiku nare OH YES

ningen mina suki ni nare jinsei wa ikkai
warau kado ni fuku kitaru LIFE IS ONE TIME
ikiru tame ni naiteiru akago no yoni
umaretate no junsui na kokoro de are

mabushii asa ni WOO WOO CHANCE
tabidatsu asa ni WOO WOO CHANCE

nandoka ai ni tsumazuki
soredemo tachiagaru daro
dai no otona demo shoshinsha datte
onaji koto jan

hajimete koi wo shita toki
doshite iika wakarazu
okina oto de kyoku kiita

nigatena hito dakara koso
taisetsu daro OH YES

sekkyokuteki ni ikirunda jinsei wa ikkai
warau hito ni hito tsudo LIFE IS ONE TIME
kyo mo asu mo mainichi wa nijuyojikan
donna hito mo asa no hi ni tsutsumareru

ningen mina suki ni nare jinsei wa ikkai
warau kado ni fuku kitaru LIFE IS ONE TIME
ikiru tame ni naiteiru akago no yoni
umaretate no junsui na kokoro de are

sekkyokuteki ni ikirunda jinsei wa ikkai
warau hito ni hito tsudo LIFE IS ‘OH YEAR ONE TIME’
kyo mo asu mo mainichi wa nijuyojikan
donna hito mo asa no hi ni tsutsumareru

mabushii asa ni WOO WOO CHANCE
tabidatsu asa ni WOO WOO CHANCE

Hitomi Yoshizawa – Hello Project!!

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Hitomi Yoshizawa (吉澤 ひとみ) is a former leader of J-pop group Morning Musume. She is also the current leader of the Hello! Project futsal team Gatas Brilhantes H.P. and the idol group derived from its lineup, Ongaku Gatas

Yoshizawa became a member of the Hello! Project group Morning Musume in 2000, as a member of the fourth generation along with Rika Ishikawa, Nozomi Tsuji, and Ai Kago, making her debut in the group’s tenth single “Happy Summer Wedding”. She was also featured in the group’s theatrical release of Pinch Runner.


In the past, she has often been perceived as the tomboyish member of the group, due to her voice, manners, and hobbies. Furthering this perception of her masculine side, Yoshizawa’s first lead came in 2001 with the release of the single Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~, in which she played a dashing playboy character. She has since managed to mostly overcome this, as many view her as having matured out of her formerly tomboyish character once having assumed leadership of Morning Musume in 2005.

Yoshizawa became the Captain of the Hello! Project futsal team, Gatas Brilhantes H.P. when it was formed in September of 2003. The 5’4½” (164 cm)[1] midfielder has since managed to lead the team to victory on many occasions. Yoshizawa also convinced fellow teammate Nozomi Tsuji to remain as the team’s goalkeeper, despite her graduation from Morning Musume in 2004.


In April 2005, after the sudden and unexpected departure of Morning Musume’s then-leader Mari Yaguchi, Yoshizawa, the current sub-leader, became the group’s new leader. After Rika Ishikawa’s graduation in May of 2005, Yoshizawa became the last remaining member of her generation.

On January 11, 2007, Yoshizawa’s younger brother Kōta Yoshizawa (aged 16) was killed in a traffic accident.


On May 6, 2007, Yoshizawa graduated from Morning Musume after the band’s last performance in the ~Sexy 8 Beat~ Spring Tour, which took place in Saitama Super Arena in Hitomi’s hometown. According to several news sources, producer Tsunku, and Yoshizawa herself, she will enter a solo career of her own.

Currently Yoshizawa is focusing her time on Gatas Brilhantes H.P., along with being leader of a group formed with fellow members of the futsal team called Ongaku Gatas.

taken from wikipedia.


This girl right here, is the one who responsible for my addiction to Morning Musume and Hello! Project. A tomboy, good in sport, funny, cute but strong also. Maybe, not a very popular figure in Hello! project and Morning Musume. But still someone I adore, kinda like a big sister. I hope you have a nice future Yossi!!^

Takahashi Ai – Mizu

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Takahashi Ai latest photobook, was shot in Bali. I like Takahashi Ai better in her new look, very refreshing and seeing her in an Indonesian environments in the background is very nice actually. Although there are some disturbing one, like the “extra joss” table or “warung jawa” as part of the photo, very funny in some way^_^.


Download it here, if you want to see what it’s like!

Morning Musume – Mikan(Single)

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Finally, the 35th single of Morning Musume was out.

Track listing

All lyrics are made by Tsunku.

  1. “Mikan” (みかん Mandarin Orange)
  2. “Bonkyu! Bonkyu! Bomb Girl” (ボンキュ!ボンキュ!BOMB GIRL)
  3. “Mikan” (Instrumental)

The songs are nice, this year morning musume always gave us new sounds. Another nice one after “Onna ni Sachi Are”, a must for momusu fans^_^.

To download the single, click here

and the PV here

The single is uploaded by me and the PV is by kecoa_langit. Please give him your regard too!!