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Dozing Green – Dir en Grey

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Dozing Green

Romaji Lyrics:

mushi kuu hitomi ni miserare iki tojiru
nade oros***a kokoro ga porori
sugasugashii taiyou ga
ameoto zararigurari mazatte

saketa mune odorase munashisa ni tou
shiroi koe moreru iki In The Sun

midara ni aketa kizuguchi
mu to kie naru Dogma no kaze
tokedasu kimi no shinzou

usugurai asa, hibiku sayonara

saketa mune odorase munashisa ni tou
tadaima wa hitori de itai

ichirin no haru, namida moroi kubi to chi o hau kimi sae

Love Me

Abandon Hope

English Translation:

Mesmerized by those eyes with bugs crawling on them, my breathing stops
My heart calms itself
The refreshing sun mixes in with sound of the rain

My slashed heart dances, and i question in vain
The white voice, the leaking of the breath in the sun

The obscene exposure of the wound
Disappears into nothing, the wind of dogma
Your melting heart
The dark morning, echoing goodbye

My slashed heart dances, and i question in vain
I just want to be alone right now
A single season of spring, even the tearful neck and you crawling the earth

Love Me

Abandon Hope

Dozing Green by Dir en Grey

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I just got this single a few days ago, and by far this the first single of Dir en Grey that I have…I only listened to their album so far. When I listened to all the songs in this single, it made me happy that they are still producing good songs

Dozing Green

This song is the best song in this single, I really like the way Kyo play with his voice in this song…This song has less screaming than the latest song, but still a great song. There is some guitar harmony in the song and very ear catchy, the bass is very clear and giving a very nice mood to this song, and shinya is very skillful as usual.

Hydra -666-

This song is a re-arrangement of Hydra on the album Macabre. But I like this song better than the original, the guitar playing, the bass, everything…For you, who like the original Hydra, I bet you’re gonna like this even more.

Agitated Screams of Maggots(LIVE)

This song is even better in live version, definitely like this song. The only annoying thing is that I have to wait for about more than a minute, before the song starts…So, I usually skip it untill the music plays..

Overall, I am going to give this album a 9/10 rating. Definitely a must for A dir en grey fans.