My Forgotten Passion = Singing???

One of my interest in music is singing, beside guitar of course. Even my love in music is all started way back when I became a singer in my first band ever “Optic”.


Optic is an Indonesian band and covered almost all Indonesian song from Dewa and Sheila on 7. The time I had in Optic has given a lot of experience, from singing in front of many audiences – and having my feet shaking on me at the same time, experience in holding my first electric guitar ever, experience on practicing in a music studio and the most of all, the love of music.

Singing Indonesian songs was actually very hard for me. Because I rarely listened to them and at the time I was completely overwhelmed with my love of songs from Luna Sea, L’arc-en-ciel and X-Japan. But I tried to do it anyway, because of my curiosity and they asked me personally to become their vocals.

I am still singing untill now. My only regret is that I am not a Rock or Metal singer, my vocal is very soft, kinda like the jazzy kind of pop(Not that I don’t like it), but I am only hoping I could sing any songs that I like with my voice(Rock or Metal), not only pop and jazz. I am still wondering if it’s because I don’t have any talent or my little knowledge of any technique in singing.

My co-workers have often stated that I have a very nice voice, my girlfriend and many people actually. But, appareantly I still can not say that to myself…

I am going to record my voice when I have the time, so you can give me some advice or critics:)! Thanks for reading my stupid babblings

12 Responses to “My Forgotten Passion = Singing???”

  1. meila1599 Says:

    must try!
    looking forward to hear your voice ^^ *though I want to hear it first hand before the others ^,-*

  2. meila1599 Says:

    Xd yes but i’m almost asleep

    wants more đŸ˜€

  3. Hi there, just happened to hop on to your blog while searching for some singers’ information. After reading this post I kinda grow slightly interest in you. (Hope you won’t suspect that I’m a pervert or whatnot xD) I’m kinda surprised that I could actually find a singer’s blog online. o.O anyways I personality love to sing too! but just too bad I’m still below average. From what I know, singing Rock and Metal needs alot of practice. You can try shouting sometimes but please make sure don’t burst your throat. =b I believe you’ll be able to do it one day. =] just don’t give it in~ ^^

    • Hi Rain. Thanks for coming:) and No, I am not suspecting you as a pervert even a slightest bitXD.

      The last time I burst my throat is when I’m karaokeing with my friends and definitely lot of shouting there. Thanks for the support! I accept it fully in my heart. Hope We can be good friends!

  4. I hope so, since we both share the same interest~ ^^ and I’m glad you didn’t think I’m a pervert xD

    Oh yea, I also play/like guitar, but I’m still very bad at it since I only play once in awhile and only particular songs. xp any way, I really looking forward to your singing voice~ =D

    • I can give you some tips if you like, about guitar of course:p.

      I’m still looking for the time to record my singing, just be patient!:)

      and cool site you that you have there Rain^^.

  5. hahah, thanks for the compliment kaorublade~ or can i call you kaoru instead? xD i think your site is quite interesting too~ =D especially i ‘accidentally’ found it when i was trying to dig some singer’s information~ xD any ways~ i have some websites about the guitar learning things but i’m not sure if they’re enough~ hahahah~ well, maybe you should tell me what would be enough~ =b

    and yes! i’ll be patient~! xD

  6. When I started to play guitar, I always buy song books, with chords and popular song. Maybe you should try that too. But with google now, you could search for any songs and chords included.

    Have you tried all that?:)

  7. I did try buying guitar books but the thing is when I tried to read the tabs from the book I go all confused, cos when I started learning guitar I only begin with strumming so I still cannot read tabs that well. I did look for some of my fav songs’ chords online. =]

  8. Thank you so much for the tips! but I guess I can only catch it up after I get my new guitar since my current guitar is basically spoiled because I exposed it under hot sun and the wood kind of got expanded and apparently it’s in very bad condition now~ aight D=

    And yea, I’ve thought of going for some guitar lessons but I heard some of my friend said the guitar teachers in my current country aren’t that professional in teaching~

    hahah~ I feel like recording my song also~ xD maybe we should exchange our songs? xp though I don’t sing too well =b

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