SID – Namida no Ondo

Finally my curiosity is paid. After more than a week downloading a PV of this band called SID. I have listened to it and SID has shocked me more than any other VK Band.


This song called ‘Namida no Ondo’ is a song I wouldn’t expect to come from a Visual Kei Band. It’s a pop sweet song with a slight bit of Jazz sound in it. In an instant I decided to search for the single and It shocked me more, the song in the second track is very different from the title track, it’s like a world apart(not from the quality, but the music genre:p).

I dare to say that this band called SID is very brave and I appreciate a band who dare to explore their music far than anyone would imagine. The result is a fresh music and full of color.

I like to share this with you who haven’t heard it before.

SID – Namida no Ondo


Track List:

1. Namida no Ondo

2. Keirei Bow

I try to upload the PV later. When I get back^^! Enjoy this for now!!:p


2 Responses to “SID – Namida no Ondo”

  1. i fall in love with this band when i was busy looking for FMA botherhood OST.SID’s song always tears me up,especially the song title RAIN..

  2. I listen any song of SID and I prefer No kiss, is a resemption of Monochrome

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