Suzuki Airi – CLEAR(Photobook)


Just got this photobook of Airi today. I’m glad this one is better than the last PB.Here’s some of my favourite scans from the PB, a really beautiful smile and what a nice body she has.

airi_2ndpb_clear_073-resize.jpg airi_2ndpb_clear_024-resize.jpgairi_2ndpb_clear_049-resize.jpg

Airi looks more mature in some way, But I just wondered if it’s okay for anyone to see a 13 years old girl being exposed like this. The photos are nice, but I think some of the pose that she did is too “mature” for her. Not that I don’t like it:p.

In anyway, I really enjoy seeing this PB as Airi is one of my favorite Hello Project member. This PB had just become one of my favorite of all time.

Get the scans here:

5 Responses to “Suzuki Airi – CLEAR(Photobook)”

  1. Yeah, I like her smile. that’s one of her charms. About the pose I think in Japan that is normal for someone under age to do those pose. Nevertheless lets enjoy the PB.

  2. Yup, it happens like that in Japan. But I don’t think people in another country could all agree, I think:p.

  3. Great photos ^__^ i like airi 🙂 she is beautifull.. nice smile.. very nice 🙂 airi rulez :Dhehe 🙂

  4. yeah… maybe the poses are a bit more mature for someone of her age… but still it’s her smile that makes her so attractive^^

  5. Interesting article, i have bookmarked your site for future referrence 🙂

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