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C-ute – Edo No Temari Uta II PV

Posted in C-ute, Downloads with tags , , , , on July 27, 2008 by kaorublade

It’s me, finally start to write again:-).

It’s about 2 minutes ago and I just finished watching C-ute latest PV, Edo no Temari Uta II.

I didn’t really expect C-ute’s new song to be like this actually. But, I like it so much, it even made me want to write something again!XD.

That’s just how excited I am:p!

First of all, this PV reminds me of Miyavi‘s Concert Set and maybe some of his PV. I mean, that It has all of that cool Japanese vibe in it and it shows itself even more within the dance and the song, very nice indeed.

Second, I just can’t resist Airi’s hot and sexiness(forgive me for using this word, I just can’t help it>.< and she’s just only 14 years old T_T). That hairstyle, that outfit, that mini skirt, and obviously that smile:). Oohh, Thanks God for this beautiful Gift(Again, please forgive this blabbering of mine!T_T).

I think that this single is going to be another hit for C-ute after Tokkaiko Junjou, seeing the uniqueness of this song and PV and I hope my best for it to happen.


Hi no Hikari sae Todokanai Kono Basho de – Miyavi feat. Sugizo

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Hi no Hikari sae Todokanai Kono Basho de” (陽の光さえ届かないこの場所で In This Place Where Even The Sun’s Light Doesn’t Reach) is an upcoming single by Miyavi on January 16, 2008. The title track features miyavi’s fellow in “Skin”, Sugizo.
This one here is from the regular edition, because the limited one is without the instrumental part. Although it gives a music video and making of footage.
Track List
  1. “Hi no Hikari sae Todokanai Kono Basho de” (陽の光さえ届かないこの場所で)
  2. “My name iz”
  3. “Hi no Hikari sae Todokanai Kono Basho de (Instrumental)” (陽の光さえ届かないこの場所で (Instrumental), regular edition only)

I am not a big fan of Miyavi, I don’t really like him too back then. But hearing this single made me think the other way. It’s terrific!!! It’s hard to think that someone this young could be so talented.

The first time I decided to hear this single is because of Sugizo is in the song and Sugizo is a really big part in the title track. The sound of the guitar, the crazy whammy playing and the long sustain are definitely that of Sugizo.

This single is great. I like it very much! Or should I say that I really love it^^!! This single is a must have!!