Just A Quick Post in My Office!

Hi Guys, Long time no see. I’m working now and no more thesis,  huahahahaha. It’s been a year, since I stopped updating this blog.  It seems my site is famous for its Miyabi’s  Rumour, maybe because it’s the only place who keeps that junk news in front page for a long, long time.

I’m at the office right now and I’m doing a new project as of now and I’m very busy(I Think^^;). Many things happened since last I updated my blog.

  1. The biggest news is I’m so bored with H!P now and keeping up with them is not as fun as it were. H!P is such a big loser, for letting everybody go(The Elder Club). Well, I still love C-ute and Buono!. But That’s it!!
  2. I’m back to fan loving, the first japanese artist(idol?) that I used to love so much, Ryoko Hirosue. The history began 7 years ago, when I watched Beach Boys in my local  station(Indosiar) -Indosiar is also a big loser now, for not showing anymore dorama and become a commercial station that not even worth to watch-. Anyway, Ryoko-chan is so damn gorgeus in her new Dorama – Triangle -. Must Watchn708821703_1475699_4034
  3. Aurum(Joker?) is back, but I’m an additional bassist right now, but it is nice to do something with the boys again. Now that we’re old – Did I say we, I mean the vocalist Jun:p -. Anyway, just come to our reunion concert. Which I forgot where, when and how, because we haven’t do anything to prepare for it, hahahahaha.
  4. My new band Dandelionoid is making a new progress and We are preparing for our first album. We are so suck at metal music. It took us a long time to make a nice material. But Support Us, if you see us somewhere in the future:).


  5. I’m not a virgin anymore(Just Kidding!:) But Am I??)
  6. My Work is so Fun and I’m enjoying It:). This is My Desk and Beloved Office…sdc10323

My Desk

sdc10324Window Beside My Desk


At Lunch


Entertainment Room – After Lunch

7. Stop wondering about my virginity guys. I’m pure as baby!:p

I have to go back to work. See You Around:)!


One Response to “Just A Quick Post in My Office!”

  1. Wow… there’s an entertainment room in your office !!! What company is it ?

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