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Heroes season 2 ends(Spoilers!!!!)

Posted in Heroes with tags , , , , , , on December 5, 2007 by kaorublade

just watched heroes season 2 finale, actually the way how all the heroes clash is intriguing and exciting. But, I have to say that I am dissapointed with the ending…It sucks. Believe it’s gonna be a lot of question marks untill season 3 starts. Damn…











Okay, the sad things and makes me mad about this episode is there is a chance that Niki and Nathan are dead. Niki got stuck in the burning house and Nathan got shot while doing press conference. The other thing is that Sylar got his powers back and I think he is going to do some more killing in volume 3, definitely suck-.-!

Is there a chance that Niki is still alive???


She had lost her power because of the virus and there is a little chance that she could get out from the burned house in a very short time.
In my opinion, Niki’s story doesn’t get much anywhere. So maybe the writer was thinking that it’s better off to kill Niki. Although I hope she is still alive, because she is one of my favorite character.

How about Nathan???


Nathan got a bigger chance to come back in the third volume. Why??

1. Adam Monroe’s blood
Nathan has been injected with his blood, and his blood has a regenerative ability. I don’t know if the blood only works once though:p. That would be suck.

2. Claire’s blood
If it doesn’t work anymore, well you just have to search for her daughter right??:) She saved her stepfather once, it won’t be bad if it could save Nathan too.
3. Peter Petrelli’s blood
I don’t know if his blood could heal people like the characters above. But he absorbed their power. So it’s a possibility…

4. The shooting mark
The assassin didn’t shot him in the head did he?? Which I think were stupid, if you want him dead better shoot him in the head a**hole.

Why Nathan should be back in the third volume?
because he is such an important character and many fans will be pissed off if he is dead and I think the real hero in the series is him, why?? He saved the world twice man!!(Duhh!). He took peter so he didn’t blow up new york in volume 1 and he convince peter that adam need to be stopped in volume 2, which are the reason why “Heroes” still continues.

Who shot Nathan actually???


There are many speculations in my mind. Here are list of persons who I think have the possibilities of becoming the assassin.

1. Noah Bennet
It could be him, because the company got him back and I think he is the kind of man who will do anything to save his daughter. Plus, it will be nice irony to the story continuation that the stepfather killed/shot the real father.

2. The Haitian
The haitian is known as a loyal person to the company and I think to Angela Petrelli too. Plus, judging to the phone talk done by Angela Petrelli. She already knows about the assassination plan, she could be ordering him to kill Nathan like how easy he told mark to kill Peter-.-. What a great mom….

3. Arthur Petrelli
We never see him dead. Maybe he is still alive somewhere. The reason for him to kill Nathan is to keep the family secrets, maybe…but, I think it is a very little chance…

4. Maury Parkman
I think Maury Parkman is too fat and short. Matt has locked him in his dream and beside the figure of the assassin doesn’t match him.. But, it is still a possibility right?

5. West(Claire’s boyfriend)
We did know that he doesn’t want the truth to be revealed which could be the reason he killed Nathan, which is gonna be another nice kind of irony(Blehhh!!!).

6. Angela Petrelli??
I think the figure of the assassin is a figure of a male. But, she is seen talking to someone about the assassination. Very little chance I think.

7. Sylar
Nah, I thinke he is too busy at the time…

8. Future Peter
It’s been a debate in many forums. The future Peter is trying to avoid something bad in the future. But I don’t think this is the right one. Peter would think of many other ways than killing his own brother.

What is it going to be in the third volume?


With Sylar coming back to the picture. I think he is going to be the main villain in the third volume and looking at the title of volume 3 “Villain”, I expect that there is going to be a major battle between superhuman from the good side and the bad side. Maybe kinda like X-Men. My prediction might miss, but it is something I would like to see in third season.

those are my thought after watching the finale. Hope it will be something good to talk about, while waiting for the third volume^_^.