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Girl who plays guitar are Hot!!!

Posted in Videos with tags , , on March 14, 2008 by kaorublade

At my home, doing my thesis and it’s been a while since my last post…But I have to leave my thesis for a while to write this post.

Just yesterday while I was browsing through youtube. I found this girl goes by the name bymusicman and she plays an electric guitar in a way that amazed me so much.

In this first video, which is a Guile’s street fighter theme song. I saw this korean girl play so emotionless and it reminded me a bit of the late Hide of X-Japan.

Eventhough she looks so emotionless. By the the way she played, I know that a lot of emotion is running through her finger and I can feel it.

She played it very clean and almost without any necessary mistakes. She really knows what she is doing:-). Her vibrato is my favorite ^^.

Here is another cover by her. A Van Halen’s song. She looks so Hot!!

I’m a fan already!!!^^v. Find another video here