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Brand New Dorama : Mr. Brain

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Just finished downloading the first episode of Mr. Brain and watching it.

Well, It’s going to be another masterpiece:).

Sadly, I think I only see Ryoko Hirosue in the opening scene and no more.


And there is Kabutokabu

Ayase Haruka just made my day


andĀ  Kimura just keeps gettingĀ  older.


It’s interesting to see different guest stars in every episode.

Next Gackt?? Cool

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My Forgotten Passion = Singing???

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One of my interest in music is singing, beside guitar of course. Even my love in music is all started way back when I became a singer in my first band ever “Optic”.


Optic is an Indonesian band and covered almost all Indonesian song from Dewa and Sheila on 7. The time I had in Optic has given a lot of experience, from singing in front of many audiences – and having my feet shaking on me at the same time, experience in holding my first electric guitar ever, experience on practicing in a music studio and the most of all, the love of music.

Singing Indonesian songs was actually very hard for me. Because I rarely listened to them and at the time I was completely overwhelmed with my love of songs from Luna Sea, L’arc-en-ciel and X-Japan. But I tried to do it anyway, because of my curiosity and they asked me personally to become their vocals.

I am still singing untill now. My only regret is that I am not a Rock or Metal singer, my vocal is very soft, kinda like the jazzy kind of pop(Not that I don’t like it), but I am only hoping I could sing any songs that I like with my voice(Rock or Metal), not only pop and jazz. I am still wondering if it’s because I don’t have any talent or my little knowledge of any technique in singing.

My co-workers have often stated that I have a very nice voice, my girlfriend and many people actually. But, appareantly I still can not say that to myself…

I am going to record my voice when I have the time, so you can give me some advice or critics:)! Thanks for reading my stupid babblings

SID – Namida no Ondo(PV)

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This is the PV from “Namida no Ondo” by SID.




For those who liks the song, should love this PV too. It’s very nice and the environment is cozy and beautiful, it fits the song nicely.

Just Check it out!!!^^.


Merry Chrismast!!!

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Merry Chrismast Everybody!! I’m currently on my holiday at my home and I can’t online for a long time. So I just want to say have a great chrismast and holiday. Be seeing you all in a couple of days^^.

Best Regards