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Maliq & D’essential Live Ticket?? I Got It!

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I just bought a ticket for maliq & d’essential at 9 Square. Can’t wait to watch them:).

Eat some delicious food. Now I’m set to go home!


Anyone coming on 5 June to see them??

Who? Maliq & D’essentials

When? 5 June,  19:00 – end( I think)

Where ? 9 Square

My Forgotten Passion = Singing???

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One of my interest in music is singing, beside guitar of course. Even my love in music is all started way back when I became a singer in my first band ever “Optic”.


Optic is an Indonesian band and covered almost all Indonesian song from Dewa and Sheila on 7. The time I had in Optic has given a lot of experience, from singing in front of many audiences – and having my feet shaking on me at the same time, experience in holding my first electric guitar ever, experience on practicing in a music studio and the most of all, the love of music.

Singing Indonesian songs was actually very hard for me. Because I rarely listened to them and at the time I was completely overwhelmed with my love of songs from Luna Sea, L’arc-en-ciel and X-Japan. But I tried to do it anyway, because of my curiosity and they asked me personally to become their vocals.

I am still singing untill now. My only regret is that I am not a Rock or Metal singer, my vocal is very soft, kinda like the jazzy kind of pop(Not that I don’t like it), but I am only hoping I could sing any songs that I like with my voice(Rock or Metal), not only pop and jazz. I am still wondering if it’s because I don’t have any talent or my little knowledge of any technique in singing.

My co-workers have often stated that I have a very nice voice, my girlfriend and many people actually. But, appareantly I still can not say that to myself…

I am going to record my voice when I have the time, so you can give me some advice or critics:)! Thanks for reading my stupid babblings

Just A Quick Post in My Office!

Posted in Dear Diary on March 5, 2009 by kaorublade

Hi Guys, Long time no see. I’m working now and no more thesis,  huahahahaha. It’s been a year, since I stopped updating this blog.  It seems my site is famous for its Miyabi’s  Rumour, maybe because it’s the only place who keeps that junk news in front page for a long, long time.

I’m at the office right now and I’m doing a new project as of now and I’m very busy(I Think^^;). Many things happened since last I updated my blog.

  1. The biggest news is I’m so bored with H!P now and keeping up with them is not as fun as it were. H!P is such a big loser, for letting everybody go(The Elder Club). Well, I still love C-ute and Buono!. But That’s it!!
  2. I’m back to fan loving, the first japanese artist(idol?) that I used to love so much, Ryoko Hirosue. The history began 7 years ago, when I watched Beach Boys in my local  station(Indosiar) -Indosiar is also a big loser now, for not showing anymore dorama and become a commercial station that not even worth to watch-. Anyway, Ryoko-chan is so damn gorgeus in her new Dorama – Triangle -. Must Watchn708821703_1475699_4034
  3. Aurum(Joker?) is back, but I’m an additional bassist right now, but it is nice to do something with the boys again. Now that we’re old – Did I say we, I mean the vocalist Jun:p -. Anyway, just come to our reunion concert. Which I forgot where, when and how, because we haven’t do anything to prepare for it, hahahahaha.
  4. My new band Dandelionoid is making a new progress and We are preparing for our first album. We are so suck at metal music. It took us a long time to make a nice material. But Support Us, if you see us somewhere in the future:).


  5. I’m not a virgin anymore(Just Kidding!:) But Am I??)
  6. My Work is so Fun and I’m enjoying It:). This is My Desk and Beloved Office…sdc10323

My Desk

sdc10324Window Beside My Desk


At Lunch


Entertainment Room – After Lunch

7. Stop wondering about my virginity guys. I’m pure as baby!:p

I have to go back to work. See You Around:)!

My Life is so lonely…

Posted in Dear Diary with tags on February 2, 2008 by kaorublade

Just finished my exam today, but there is still a thesis, waiting for me. I wondered today and I realize that I’m very lonely.

My everyday life just got very boring and since no more college activity, it just get more and more boring. But I just try to get by it. I play my guitar, watch some dorama, anime, morning musume or just play another PC games or PSP. See…The only activity I had is the one that I do alone and It’s just keep circling through my everyday life…ha-.-!

Back then when I just entered my university(Bina Nusantara). I have these many visions about a new life in front of me. I joined a Club, that is Nippon Club, a club where the members are people who likes anything about Japan. There I found many friends, chatting everyday with them and do some activity together. I even made a band called “Tomodachi” with my friends there untill our breakup about 1,5 years ago. It was fun.

But as time passed by and I have to struggle with my study in college, it just gets more & more lonely.  The only friend beside me is my girlfriend who understands me more than anyone, just being beside her made me feel that I can get through everything.

At this moment, I’m in a quarrel with her. So we haven’t talked much lately:p and suddenly this loneliness feeling strikes. Even more, my guitar got a problem and I can’t play it. So I can’t play my guitar while listening to the song that I’ve been into lately, It’s a big problem, because I have a tendency that I have to play every song that I heard or my hand is going to get itchy every secondsT_T.

I hope this feeling of loneliness is  going to stop soon. It’s killing me!!!

Btw, I’m currently uploading the PV for X-Japan-I.V. and Miyavi latest song. Wait for it^^!

Binusian Wotas in Action!!

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It’s my first time coming to the MMI(Morning Musume Indonesia) gathering. It wasn’t my intention to came at first, but my friend goes by the name KuroYuki which nick is used by me sometimes:p, asked me to come, this time and since I have no college activity, I decided to come.

Met some new friends and some friends I knew before, I’m kinda embarrassed though when they asked my nickname in the forums, cause I never really join in, I’m like a “back stage” player in this world. But I know some people from MMI and they used to visit my place so I never get behind. I never really did post anything there though lol .


We talked about Hello Project and Morning Musume, did some photograph and collected some data.

The gathering end at 5.00pm and some of us continued our own gathering at Shinn’s place, one of the member which is my place too, but in a different floor. Time really passed by quickly when you talk to people with the same interest as you, it’s fun and I hope to do it again some other time. It’s strange though, how a bunch of guys could get connected with something like thisXD.

The result that I got from today’s gathering is:

1. Suzuki Airi – CLEAR PB making video(nice!!^_^)

2. C-ute Concert Spring Tour 2007 Golden First Gate

3. Aya Matsuura – Double rainbow(album)

There are some other stuff too, but above are the best. I will upload it when I have the chance!


Posted in Dear Diary with tags , , on December 12, 2007 by kaorublade

Finally I get to come home today. It’s been almost a month since I went back to my home in Bogor.

I have wrote my last post this week. It’s about “Girugamesh” band, be sure to read to them^_^.  I decided to upload the song on next Saturday, because I didn’t have time to now>.<, Sorry…Just be patient!!:).

Well, time to pack my bag and I’m on my way. See you all guys^^.


Posted in Dear Diary with tags on December 11, 2007 by kaorublade

I just reached my 1000 views today. Thanks for all your supports and comments!!!^_^. I’m going to improve my writing so all of you can enjoy my weblog even more!!!. Thanks again!!! Have a nice day(*^o^*)

Ah, Acting is just tiring…

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Just finished working for another scene in my assignment drama. Me and my friend just got this assignment from our lecturer to do some drama dialogs. I never knew it would be this tiring, I hope all of our hardwork will produce a nice drama to be presented.

By the way, I am going to do some arrangement from some Hello! Project song with my electric guitar. I’m still learning some material to do it, but I hope it will be done soon. Can’t wait to show it! Just look forward to it^_^.

Argh…I’m so tired. I will Rest right now…Sorry, I will try to do my best to upload the Angela Aki latest album again…It is always failed since yesterdayT_T.

Just some Ordinary Sunday

Posted in Dear Diary on November 25, 2007 by kaorublade

Whoaa…I feel so bored. Nothing fun happened today, just tried a new game in my PSP(review after I done, as always), watch some “gossip girl”, another romance TV Series and a good stuff to be watched. Also, I changed my blog’s look. Well, that’s the only refreshment I got today. Tomorrow just will be another college day…

2 Days of Hibernation

Posted in Dear Diary on November 23, 2007 by kaorublade

After the mid test over 2 days ago. I haven’t been out of my room, just playing my guitar, psp, or PC and I feel so sick right now>.<! Finally, I will get out of my room tomorrow. For 2 days, I got my food delivered to me by a catering. Actually, not just me but my friends whose room are beside me:). Can’t wait to see the world tomorrow lol!!!