My Forgotten Passion = Singing???

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One of my interest in music is singing, beside guitar of course. Even my love in music is all started way back when I became a singer in my first band ever “Optic”.


Optic is an Indonesian band and covered almost all Indonesian song from Dewa and Sheila on 7. The time I had in Optic has given a lot of experience, from singing in front of many audiences – and having my feet shaking on me at the same time, experience in holding my first electric guitar ever, experience on practicing in a music studio and the most of all, the love of music.

Singing Indonesian songs was actually very hard for me. Because I rarely listened to them and at the time I was completely overwhelmed with my love of songs from Luna Sea, L’arc-en-ciel and X-Japan. But I tried to do it anyway, because of my curiosity and they asked me personally to become their vocals.

I am still singing untill now. My only regret is that I am not a Rock or Metal singer, my vocal is very soft, kinda like the jazzy kind of pop(Not that I don’t like it), but I am only hoping I could sing any songs that I like with my voice(Rock or Metal), not only pop and jazz. I am still wondering if it’s because I don’t have any talent or my little knowledge of any technique in singing.

My co-workers have often stated that I have a very nice voice, my girlfriend and many people actually. But, appareantly I still can not say that to myself…

I am going to record my voice when I have the time, so you can give me some advice or critics:)! Thanks for reading my stupid babblings


Just A Quick Post in My Office!

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Hi Guys, Long time no see. I’m working now and no more thesis,  huahahahaha. It’s been a year, since I stopped updating this blog.  It seems my site is famous for its Miyabi’s  Rumour, maybe because it’s the only place who keeps that junk news in front page for a long, long time.

I’m at the office right now and I’m doing a new project as of now and I’m very busy(I Think^^;). Many things happened since last I updated my blog.

  1. The biggest news is I’m so bored with H!P now and keeping up with them is not as fun as it were. H!P is such a big loser, for letting everybody go(The Elder Club). Well, I still love C-ute and Buono!. But That’s it!!
  2. I’m back to fan loving, the first japanese artist(idol?) that I used to love so much, Ryoko Hirosue. The history began 7 years ago, when I watched Beach Boys in my local  station(Indosiar) -Indosiar is also a big loser now, for not showing anymore dorama and become a commercial station that not even worth to watch-. Anyway, Ryoko-chan is so damn gorgeus in her new Dorama – Triangle -. Must Watchn708821703_1475699_4034
  3. Aurum(Joker?) is back, but I’m an additional bassist right now, but it is nice to do something with the boys again. Now that we’re old – Did I say we, I mean the vocalist Jun:p -. Anyway, just come to our reunion concert. Which I forgot where, when and how, because we haven’t do anything to prepare for it, hahahahaha.
  4. My new band Dandelionoid is making a new progress and We are preparing for our first album. We are so suck at metal music. It took us a long time to make a nice material. But Support Us, if you see us somewhere in the future:).


  5. I’m not a virgin anymore(Just Kidding!:) But Am I??)
  6. My Work is so Fun and I’m enjoying It:). This is My Desk and Beloved Office…sdc10323

My Desk

sdc10324Window Beside My Desk


At Lunch


Entertainment Room – After Lunch

7. Stop wondering about my virginity guys. I’m pure as baby!:p

I have to go back to work. See You Around:)!

Playing Yakuza 2

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Currently at Home, playing my Yakuza 2 and enjoying every minute of it^^.




Becoming a Host and Visiting Cabaret Club, my favorite parts. Everyone who read this should play it too.

Gackt – Jesus Lyrics

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Gackt – Jesus


Kizutsuita nukegara wo tada dakishimeteita
Furisosogu ame wa shizuka na kimi no namida
Wake me up
Wake me up
Wake me up
Kono yume kara
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Oshietekure Maria!

to hohoemi nagara hoho ni fureta
Mienai me ni namida wo tamete kieteyuku
Take me Out
Take me Out
Take me Out
Kono yume kara
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Kotaetekure JESUS!

God said when you die,
Your life will pass before your own eyes.
If you want to feel it right now,
Just do it, do it, do it!

Wake me up
Wake me up
Wake me up
Kono yume kara
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Real or dream?

Take me Out
Take me Out
Take me Out
Kono yume kara
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Kotaetekure JESUS!


Gackt – Jesus

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It’s been a while since a new single coming from Gackt. I like it, that’s why the “theme” becomes my banner now:).


01. Jesus (Single MA)
02. Sayonara – ЯR II ver.-
03. Jesus (Single MA Instrumental)
04. Sayonara – ЯR II ver.- (Instrumental)

A slight metal-core sound is coming from the song. Not much, but it is definitely there. A friend of mine, who is a big Gackt fan said that she doesn’t like this song of Gackt, which is very strange coming from her. It doesn’t really matter, since I like it a lot. It’s not like any other song of Gackt and I encourage you to hear it^^!

C-ute – Edo No Temari Uta II PV

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It’s me, finally start to write again:-).

It’s about 2 minutes ago and I just finished watching C-ute latest PV, Edo no Temari Uta II.

I didn’t really expect C-ute’s new song to be like this actually. But, I like it so much, it even made me want to write something again!XD.

That’s just how excited I am:p!

First of all, this PV reminds me of Miyavi‘s Concert Set and maybe some of his PV. I mean, that It has all of that cool Japanese vibe in it and it shows itself even more within the dance and the song, very nice indeed.

Second, I just can’t resist Airi’s hot and sexiness(forgive me for using this word, I just can’t help it>.< and she’s just only 14 years old T_T). That hairstyle, that outfit, that mini skirt, and obviously that smile:). Oohh, Thanks God for this beautiful Gift(Again, please forgive this blabbering of mine!T_T).

I think that this single is going to be another hit for C-ute after Tokkaiko Junjou, seeing the uniqueness of this song and PV and I hope my best for it to happen.


Natsuyaki Miyabi ~Another talent engulfed in a flame of scandal~

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Maybe many of you have already heard of this.

It’s about Miyabi or someone who resembles her(I hope?) and her boyfriend caught in a videos,

Maybe it’s not right to say “caught”. Because, I don’t think that it’s a coincidence at all, the footage was taken in separate days and time. So, It’s probably done by stalkers or the press who followed them.

As far as I tried to deny it, the pictures and videos just resembles her too much.

Miyabi is one of my favorite in Berryz Kobou and Buono! and this news or rumor of scandal really makes me sad. not because the boyfriend. But, the fact that Miyabi’s place in Hello! Project may disappear because of this.

It’s really a pity, if that happened .

Be strong Miyabi 😦 !