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Buono! – Renai Rider(PV)

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Here is the PV of “Renai Rider” from Buono! I like it better than their previous one. It shows more of their characters. My friends said that they looks a lot mature now, But I think it’s only the makeup^^.




Anyway, A nice song and A great PV! Enjoy!



Buono! – Renai Rider

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A nice single and in a way I luv it more than the previous one. It’s very fresh with many rock n roll sounds in both of the songs and nice sounds of ukulele and an acoustic guitar in Renai Rider, giving a funny kind of feeling in the song

renai-rider-1.jpg renai-rider-2.jpg

Track List

  1. “Renai Rider” (恋愛♥ライダー Love Rider)
  2. “Janakya Mottainai!” (じゃなきゃもったいないっ!)
  3. “Renai Rider” (恋愛♥ライダー) (Instrumental)
  4. “Janakya Mottainai!” (じゃなきゃもったいないっ!) (Instrumental)

The title song is used for the ending theme of Shugo Chara!.


Yajima Maimi – Sou Sola (PB)

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On January 28, 2008. Yajima Maimi released her second photobook entitled Sou Sola.


In my eyes, She is the one who has a mature figure than any member in C-ute or even H!P Kids. Some photos are really amazing, really beautiful.




Really love that little smile^^!


So long…V-u-den

Posted in V-u-den with tags , , , , on January 29, 2008 by kaorublade

Just arrived today and when I first browsed I heard that V-u-den is going to disband on the last day of their tour, which is in June this year. V-u-den is consists of Ishikawa Rika(former 4th Generation of Morning Musume), Okada Yui, and Miyoshi Erika.


This is a sad thing for sure…V-u-den has been the only sexy unit in Hello! Project, especially since another sexy figure, Goto Maki graduated the other day.

Although I don’t pay attention that much to them than the other unit in H!P. But the appearance of V-u-den in every H!P Concert had become one of the most thing I always looking for to see.

The future plan of the members are still unknown. Especially for Erika and Yui, beside their PB release in the upcoming months. For Rika, she is still in another unit called Ongaku Gatas.

I hope the girls will still remain active in H!P and not just disappeared like other unit in the past. Best of Luck for V-u-den! We’re gonna miss you!

Uta Doki! January 23, 2008.

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Finally a Yossi’s post. Although, she is my favorite H!P member but I only have one post about her. So I am going to post another one here^^!!

The song is Hatsukoi and Yossi sang it with Shibata Ayumi, another beautiful woman:).


Yossi got more feminine, and I found her to be very sexy now. I just like her more and more^^.


Abe Natsumi & Yajima Maimi – 16sai no Koi Nante

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A single from Abe Natsumi(former morning musume) & Yajima Maimi(C-ute)


Track List :

1. 16sai no Koi Nante

2. Watashi no Koibito na noni

3. 16sai no Koi Nante(Instrumental)

4. Watashi no Koibito na noni(Instrumental)

A nice single. Both of the songs have a nice vibe in it and giving you a warm kind of feeling when you hear it. When I first heard about this duo, I think the song will be slow and mellow. But, it’s very funny and cheerful.

I don’t what’s the point for making this duet. But I figured that this is just some strategy for Abe to regain her popularity back by pairing her with Maimi, who is a c-ute member that shone back there in 2007.

Anyway, this is a single that everyone should not miss!

Best of Luck


C-ute for Best New Artist in Japan Record Award

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C-ute just received an award for Best New Artist in the 49th Japan Record Awards. A really great achievement.


C-ute beat JYONGRI, Stephanie and Satomi Takasugi. The award is received by Tsunku and all the members of C-ute waited and watched from their backstage room.


I don’t know why C-ute didn’t received it by themselves, maybe some kind of system that I don’t know about:p.

One thing to look for is the emotion they expressed when knowing that they received the award. It’s funny, seems fake. But, maybe that’s just my imagination.

The awards ceremony:

The performance: