Natsuyaki Miyabi ~Another talent engulfed in a flame of scandal~

Maybe many of you have already heard of this.

It’s about Miyabi or someone who resembles her(I hope?) and her boyfriend caught in a videos,

Maybe it’s not right to say “caught”. Because, I don’t think that it’s a coincidence at all, the footage was taken in separate days and time. So, It’s probably done by stalkers or the press who followed them.

As far as I tried to deny it, the pictures and videos just resembles her too much.

Miyabi is one of my favorite in Berryz Kobou and Buono! and this news or rumor of scandal really makes me sad. not because the boyfriend. But, the fact that Miyabi’s place in Hello! Project may disappear because of this.

It’s really a pity, if that happened .

Be strong Miyabi 😦 !

12 Responses to “Natsuyaki Miyabi ~Another talent engulfed in a flame of scandal~”

  1. Insofar, as seen from a typical japanese “conservative” standpoint, this might put up a scandal for H!P as well as trouble for Myabi. But, isn’t it quite oldfashioned meanwhile to set up public interest because of just a “normal human” behavior as it is use in a modern open-minded society?
    Who says that the boy is her boyfriend…?
    Who is inducing any relationship between them at all? Perhaps the boy is just drunk.
    H!P girls know good enough that they aren’t allowed to have one while they are members in the
    teenage groups (including Morning Musume as the flagship) there.
    I personally hope that Myabi will withstand this (this time), including the groups in which she is a member in.

  2. I think that this is just STUPID. If she has a boyfriend, so what? I’s not like they are having sex and getting drunk like most celebrities in the United States. She’s one of my favorite H!P stars. I think that if this guy IS her boyfriend, and Hello Project sees that that’s the truth, which I sure as hell hope it’s not, (I really don’t want her to leave Hello Project.) they’ll give her a warning, and if she is “caught” with a real boyfriend, they’ll fire her like they did with Kago Ai. Something about smoking and drinking and stuff like that she did. Hello Project gave her a warning not to do it again, and she did just that and got fired from the company.
    So, I hope Miyabi gets through this. DO YOUR BEST, MIYABI!

  3. I hope miyabi will stay strong. i hope she wont get kicked out of hello project.

    Why does miyabi might have to get kicked out when she done nothing wrong? she only dating with someone, in england people star dating when they are only at elementary school. By the way if they kick her out i still love her as one of mine best idol. (me and my sister will support Miyabi from being kicked out of hello project, i hope she will stay strong, i will check on yout tube just to see if Miyabi still appear often, i will check it until 2009 because by that time Miyabi Might wont get kicked out, well i hope she wont)

  4. i mean not to be kicked out!

  5. okay. what the hell? this is pathetic. i heard there was a scandal, but i ddnt know what it was about, so i googled it and I found this.
    she my age, and she has a boyfriend, whats the big deal? Its going to happen sooner or later. So making a big deal over someone being in a relationship is really just a waste of time for the company.
    If that company picky or what?
    and if this is in the media, then they are just stupid. form the looks of that picture, its not even a big deal
    urgh. things like this piss me off.

  6. AJ febuary9 Says:

    Boyfriend eh?
    We can’t control them,regular humans,we cannot control them.They can have the boyfriend and they can do anything they want.But once they violate what is written in the contract,they can be banned from group(Oh banned or removed?).First they got others,Now they want to get Miyabi and Risako!
    I don’t want to love.
    That’s why I’m happy to be an Innovator 🙂

    Miyabi ignore this scandals!Do your best!

  7. i think its really miyabi..i really love miyabi…but why does she do this..she knows that it may cause some problems to her agreement with hello! project..well,, we’ll just see if miyabi will realize what’s she’s doing…

  8. I think Miyabi is unprofessional as an artist…

  9. oouhh
    i’am jealous !!

  10. you sexi girll..

  11. you re beatiful

  12. the reason for this being a scandal is because these girls have a signed contract with H!P saying they won’t get a man while working for H!P. I believe the reason is because it takes off the mystique off these girls, and since Tsunku knows that the majority of the fans are male WOTAS, with no life let me say this, these male WOTAS will not be interested in being a fan of the girl, therefore affecting the group’s fanbase, since she is already “taken”. I know it’s weird, but so are men. I know having a boyfriend/girlfriend is something “natural” since love should not be denied, but don’t sign a contract if you are going to break it, though. Let’s face it, you can control having or not having a girlfriend, especially if you are offered a ticket to stardom and having millions in your bank account, right? If it’s Miyabi, I understand that she wants to experience love, but come on, she is young, she will experience it down the road.

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