Yoshizawa Hitomi – Hello! Yossy

Thanks to everyone at hello-online.org especially the torrent uploader missing-. Finally, I got the 3rd Photo book of Yossi(Yoshizawa Hitomi), Hello! Yossy.

This 3rd Photo Book of her is very hard to find and I was thinking about how bad it could be, so no one ever thought of buying it>.<.

I am glad though that this PB is not a disappointment at all^^.






What I love from this PB is that it covers Yossi, through all of her time in Morning Musume and we get to see her maturity from time to time.

Here is the scan for all of Yossi’s fan out there. Provided by Michaelangelo.Please buy the original one to support her^^!


3 Responses to “Yoshizawa Hitomi – Hello! Yossy”

  1. Michelangelo "Pinolo" Says:

    Hi! I’m very happy that you like Yossy’s PB! ^_^

    These are scan from my original Yossy PB!

  2. Well, Here is the man^^!

    Thanks for your hardwork Michelangelo. I’m very grateful to you:-)!

  3. Thanx!!!

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