My Life is so lonely…

Just finished my exam today, but there is still a thesis, waiting for me. I wondered today and I realize that I’m very lonely.

My everyday life just got very boring and since no more college activity, it just get more and more boring. But I just try to get by it. I play my guitar, watch some dorama, anime, morning musume or just play another PC games or PSP. See…The only activity I had is the one that I do alone and It’s just keep circling through my everyday life…ha-.-!

Back then when I just entered my university(Bina Nusantara). I have these many visions about a new life in front of me. I joined a Club, that is Nippon Club, a club where the members are people who likes anything about Japan. There I found many friends, chatting everyday with them and do some activity together. I even made a band called “Tomodachi” with my friends there untill our breakup about 1,5 years ago. It was fun.

But as time passed by and I have to struggle with my study in college, it just gets more & more lonely.  The only friend beside me is my girlfriend who understands me more than anyone, just being beside her made me feel that I can get through everything.

At this moment, I’m in a quarrel with her. So we haven’t talked much lately:p and suddenly this loneliness feeling strikes. Even more, my guitar got a problem and I can’t play it. So I can’t play my guitar while listening to the song that I’ve been into lately, It’s a big problem, because I have a tendency that I have to play every song that I heard or my hand is going to get itchy every secondsT_T.

I hope this feeling of loneliness is  going to stop soon. It’s killing me!!!

Btw, I’m currently uploading the PV for X-Japan-I.V. and Miyavi latest song. Wait for it^^!

4 Responses to “My Life is so lonely…”

  1. Feel your feelings. The loneliness will pass eventually.

  2. Thanks bro…your words reach my heart:).

  3. Noes … >.<
    you must make it up w/ her again …. wishing all the best 4 both of you
    sometimes when you feel lonely, just concentrate on other things, the feeling ‘ll gradually disappear somehow XDD

    btw thanks for the X Japan PV ^w^

  4. Thanks Chiu…I appreciate your concern:). Hope this loneliness going to disappear as soon as possible.

    About Her, It’s hard to talk it out. But I just hope that she forgives me. Cause, it’s hard to get through it without her.

    Wishing the best for u too Chiu^_^

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