So long…V-u-den

Just arrived today and when I first browsed I heard that V-u-den is going to disband on the last day of their tour, which is in June this year. V-u-den is consists of Ishikawa Rika(former 4th Generation of Morning Musume), Okada Yui, and Miyoshi Erika.


This is a sad thing for sure…V-u-den has been the only sexy unit in Hello! Project, especially since another sexy figure, Goto Maki graduated the other day.

Although I don’t pay attention that much to them than the other unit in H!P. But the appearance of V-u-den in every H!P Concert had become one of the most thing I always looking for to see.

The future plan of the members are still unknown. Especially for Erika and Yui, beside their PB release in the upcoming months. For Rika, she is still in another unit called Ongaku Gatas.

I hope the girls will still remain active in H!P and not just disappeared like other unit in the past. Best of Luck for V-u-den! We’re gonna miss you!

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