Girugamesh – Girugamesh(Album)

The latest album from Girugamesh(self titled)


Track List:

  1. Intro
  2. Patchwork
  3. Vermillion
  4. Stupid
  5. Barricade
  6. Shining
  7. Shiro Ashiato
  8. Crazy Flag
  9. Shoujo A
  10. Rockers
  11. Dance Rock Night
  12. Domino
  13. Kowareteiku Sekai

I haven’t heard all of it myself. Been kinda busy with college assignment. Only hear about half of it and it’s satisfying, I can say that this is a nice album.

For you who have heard the 13’s Reborn and Reason of Crying. Should hear this album too.


10 Responses to “Girugamesh – Girugamesh(Album)”

  1. Awesome.

  2. cant download this….. but songs i heard from this album were awesome x))

  3. Hey, sorry man…But I’m glad that you have heard it^_^. Since the time I wrote this, I have heard it many more times…It’s truly a great album. Especially Vermillion, Shining, Crazy Flag and Dance Rock Night which are my favorites.

  4. really want this album, loved 13s reborn.
    your links dont work though 😦

  5. Wow, another people said that the link doesn’t work>.<. Maybe your country blocks the indowebster site, but it works fine here.

    I’m very sorry. I am not capable of uploading on other site, because my upload speed is very low:(.

    Hope you find it at other place eggman!! Thanks for visiting^^

  6. I am curious about their songs. Same with the others, I can’t download the album. The site (indowebster) isn’t blocked though. It just that indowebster take long to respond.

  7. I’m currently looking for a nice download link for you guys. I hope to find it soon. Be patience guys:(.

  8. *listenning to Decieved Mad Pain*

    Probably my fav band since 2004 along side Slipknot, Machine Head, abingdon boys school and InFlames
    Shiro Ashiato and patchwork from this album are my choice for the best, ROCKER’S too
    But can’t forget Rei and Dirty Blue Blood *w*

  9. thanks lots!

  10. You could try file front, man

    I really want this album too. It’s got all my favorite song from Giru.

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