Luna Sea Memorial Cover Album -Re:birth-

A compilation of Luna Sea’s song sang by the greatest artist of new generation. I like this albums, it rocks and I am sure it’s going to rock your world too.


Track List:

  1. Dejavu by Mucc – 5:37
  2. Sweetest Cama Again by Abingdon Boys School – 5:31
  3. Storm by Nami Tamaki – 4:54
  4. Precious… by Merry – 4:39
  5. Rosier by High and Mighty Color – 4:44
  6. I for You by Ziggy – 5:16
  7. In My Dream (With Shiver) by LM.C – 5:24
  8. End of Sorrow Yu-Ki & DJ Koo from TRF – 4:56
  9. Love Song by Kannivalism – 7:17
  10. Shine by Marty Friedman Vs. Legend featuring Shinichiro Suzuki – 4:10
  11. Wish by Sid – 4:36
  12. Moon by Masami Tsuchiya – 6:16

My favorites are Dejavu by MUCC and Sweetest Cama Again by Abingdon boys School. especially for Abingdon Boys School, they have done a great job. Like the previous arrangement of Buck Tick’s Dress, this song arrangement is really nice and worth a round of applause.

After I listened to the whole album. I think that the way the artist made their arrangement of Luna Sea’s song is worth a big thumb up. But, the two big thumbs up is entirely belong to Luna Sea. No matter how much you twist the song, the original version will always be the best. But, I’m not complaining^^. This album has revived my love for Luna Sea.


not uploaded by me, because somebody already done it. Thanks for him^^.

2 Responses to “Luna Sea Memorial Cover Album -Re:birth-”

  1. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing, Luna Sea is sucha a great group

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