Tsuji Nozomi’s Baby


On his blog, Sugiura Taiyou. Tsuji’s Husband shared the photos of their baby based on the wish of his wife. No face included though, but looking at the writing on the blog, they seemed happy. The baby is a girl named “Sugiura Noa” 杉浦希空(すぎうら・のあ). Literally meaning “Sky of Hope”, which I think is a very wonderful name.

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What a cute egg^_^. It resembles Tsuji so much lol. But I wondered if they really made that baby eat the crabO_O.

For those who doesn’t know. Tsuji and Sugiura got married after Tsuji was known to be 9 weeks pr44512_1.jpgegnant, so it seemed like a shotgun marriage. Tsuji Nozomi is a singer in Hello! Project and she was in a group, Morning Musume and W, although currently now she is a soloist. Her husband, Sugiura Taiyou is an actor and was acting as Ultraman Cosmos in a tokusatsu series with a same name.

The pregnancy was thought to be an unresponsibe action by Tsuji. Because she had to leave all of her activity and made all of her friends did her work, like Hitomi Yoshizawa who was called in at the last minute to replace Tsuji in the play, “When Will You Return?”, and consequently was forced to learn all her lines in a relatively short period of time, Asami Abe who replaced her in Gyaruru, a TNX group made by Tsunku, and last she had relinquished her voice acting role in Robby & Kerroby to Risa Niigaki.

Although many controversy followed. Finally the baby was born on November 26,2007 at 12:45 am, weighing 2.73 kg. Tsunku had stated that he thinks of the baby as his own granddaughter and had said that the baby is going to be a candidate for morning musume in the future. Well, if morning musume still there in another 15 years, this is really something to wait lol.

I hope that Tsuji will be returning to sing for Hello! Project soon and I just hope that happiness will surround Tsuji and her new family. Congratulations Tsuji, be a nice mother!!^_^.



2 Responses to “Tsuji Nozomi’s Baby”

  1. aww very cute only if we could see the head

  2. XBeMyLoveX Says:

    Oh, i hope that Noa will be a part of Momusu!
    That will be like a fourth generation return, the good old days will be back again.

    Nono and Noa!

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