I just browsed to look for some new stuff and I saw a band called Girugamesh, well looks cool…kinda remind me a little of Dir en Grey. I decided to listen to them. But, actually I forgot what made me listened to their song because I’m kinda lazy to hear another visual “suck” kei band.


Well, in some way. I downloaded their song and listened to their “13’s Reborn” album yesterday and I have to say that this is another new sound to my JRock vocabulary, unlike visual “stupid” kei band like Gazette, Nightmare, or Alice nine. Girugamesh is in a whole different level, they have the power of slipknot and deep sound like Dir en Grey, although they haven’t reach that far though. But, in the future I think their prospect is big.

Girugamesh consists of Satoshi (vocals), Ryo (drums), Nii (Guitar) and Shuu (bass). They only have Nii as a guitarist, so they don’t give much melodic sound like many bands with two guitarist like Dir en Grey .But, I think Nii has a nice instinct to make a good Guitar Riff, so it’s enough with only him as a guitaris. A band that also has only one guitarist is Despairs Ray.

Some of Their Discography:
13’s reborn
  1. 13
  2. Jarring fly
  3. Shadan (遮断)
  4. Moujya no Koushin (亡者ノ行進)
  5. Aimai na Mikaku (曖昧な味覚)
  6. robust conviction
  7. Ame to Fukousha (雨と不幸者)
  8. Furubita Shashin (古びた写真)
  9. Deceived Mad Pain
  10. Fukai no Yami (腐界の闇)
  11. Owari to Mirai (終わりと未来)
Reason of Crying
  1. Real my place
  2. crime -Tsumi- (-罪-)
  3. smash!!
  4. Melody
  5. Freesia (フリージア)
  6. Omae ni Sasageru Minikui Koe (お前に捧げる醜い声)

I’ll try to upload them later^_^.

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