Angela Aki

I have just browsed my LAN network and what a nice coincidence. Someone shared songs from Angela Aki. The first time I heard it, my heart trembled and I said “my god, this girl is very talented”. It has been a long time since I felt like this, not many japanese singer could make me feel like this. The first one is Utada Hikaru, Misia, and then I found Angela Aki. Just by hearing her voice, I fell in love. If this woman sing in front of me right now, I’ll be drop dead…Happy of course^_^.

The first song I heard was “Kiss me Goodbye”, a theme song for “Final Fantasy XII” for PS2 from the album. I played FFXII, but I still haven’t heard the song. Maybe because I still haven’t finished the game. The song is great and definitely a good start. After that I finished one whole album without realizing it. The album just sucked me into her world…

I really want everybody to hear her voice, maybe you will feel what I feel right now. It’s a bit late maybe^^; Angela Aki has been around for sometime, but I just noticed it. No matter what, just hear it!!:) You might hear a voice of an “Angel”.


To download “Home” album, click here


and the indie album “One”, click here

I’m going to upload the latest album “Today” tomorrow. Just wait for it!!


One Response to “Angela Aki”

  1. Hello! Nice to meet you . I delight you so much.
    you are my Idol. I can play the Piano ,Flute , Guitar,Organ,
    Hamonica and I love to sing. I live in Thailand.
    Bodindacha( sing singhasane)2 Bangkok

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