Jeanne D’Arc


Jeanne D’Arc is a psp game developed by Level 5, unlike another games developed by them. Jeanne D’Arc is a turn based strategy RPG, I think this is their first time making a game like this.


Based on a real story of Joan of Arc, Jeanne D’Arc tells you a story about Jeanne, a woman who was sent by god to protect her mother country , France from the struggles against English during the Hundred Years’ War in the early 15th century. All the characters is based on the real history, but level 5 added some fantasy elements like monster and demon.

The game play is like the usual turn based strategy. You move your character through some box grid, the attack range is also based on these boxes. Just like everybody’s favorite, Final fantasy Tactics. But, Jeanne D’Arc has some difference, Like a “Unified Guard” that is triggered when your ally is close to the characters that is being attacked, it can reduce the chance of hit and the damage taken by enemies.


Each character and enemy has an affinity to one of three phases (Sol, Luna, Stella), each which have strengths and weaknesses against the other phases, in a manner similar to rock, paper, scissors. For example, Sol is stronger against Stella, but weaker against Luna. Each character also has a number of skill slots; skill gems that can be purchased, won in battle, or produced by combining other gems together. These skills can passively improve a character’s stats or have offensive, defensive, or recovery skills used during battle.


The battle system is comparable to turn-based strategy games. Prior to battle, the player can manage character equipment and abilities, and then select which characters to bring into battle. On each turn, for each character, the player can move and then perform an action such as attacking a foe, using recovery items, or using skills; each action awards a number of experience points to the character. Attacks can be met with counterattacks, and the facing of the attack will also influence how much damage is done. Unique to the game is the creation of a “Burning Aura” (“Burning Site” in the Japanese version) which forms on the space immediately behind the target of the attack; a second character can move into that space and strike for extra damage, or if a character is already in that space, the Aura will move with that character and increase the power of the attack on that turn only. Burning Auras disappear after one turn.


Unique to Jeanne and selected other party members is the use of a magical armband that can be infused with gems. Each gem on the armband can be used once per battle, and only after acquiring an amount of power gems from battle, and allows the character to transform into a much more powerful version of that character. For example, Jeanne’s first transformation gives her a higher attack value, and while in this form, she gains another turn immediately after finishing off any foe. Transformations are limited to a few turns and the character reverts to their normal form once the effect is over.

Most battles have a required victory condition, such as defeating all foes or to move the party to specific spaces on the map. There are also specialized defeats, such as by letting Jeanne fall in battle, or by failing to meet the victory conditions within a fixed number of turns. Upon winning the battle, all characters in the party gain some experience, and additional spoils of war can be obtained.

This game is fun and addictive. Although compared to FF tactics or Disgaea, this game still needs to learn more. But, still this game is a must to play. Nice story, addictive gameplay, good music and nice artworks. There is almost no reason not to play this game!

My Rate: 8,5

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