Hurting my stomach in a good way!

Yesterday, I went to Hartz Buffet in Taman Anggrek Mall in Jakarta. A restaurant with buffet style, they served fried chicken, potatos, desert, cake, ice cream,etc. Usually, when I come to this place I prepared myself by not eating too much before..But, this time it was very sudden, so I didn’t have the time to prepare…

There are five of us, the resident of PURI Rent^^(Me, Ateng, Andi, Aldi, Ko Juniar). Not so many people, unlike our previous visit…well, it’s sudden like I said and not even a weekend-.-. But still It’s a fun dinner, lot’s of talks and funny moments.


From Left. It’s Aldi, Erik(Ateng) and Ko Juniar


It’s Andi..


It’s Aldi



That’s Me!!

One Response to “Hurting my stomach in a good way!”

  1. meila1599 Says:

    Hopes ur stomach doesn’t hurt anymore XD
    Nice pictures ^^

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