Dozing Green by Dir en Grey


I just got this single a few days ago, and by far this the first single of Dir en Grey that I have…I only listened to their album so far. When I listened to all the songs in this single, it made me happy that they are still producing good songs

Dozing Green

This song is the best song in this single, I really like the way Kyo play with his voice in this song…This song has less screaming than the latest song, but still a great song. There is some guitar harmony in the song and very ear catchy, the bass is very clear and giving a very nice mood to this song, and shinya is very skillful as usual.

Hydra -666-

This song is a re-arrangement of Hydra on the album Macabre. But I like this song better than the original, the guitar playing, the bass, everything…For you, who like the original Hydra, I bet you’re gonna like this even more.

Agitated Screams of Maggots(LIVE)

This song is even better in live version, definitely like this song. The only annoying thing is that I have to wait for about more than a minute, before the song starts…So, I usually skip it untill the music plays..

Overall, I am going to give this album a 9/10 rating. Definitely a must for A dir en grey fans.


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